Welcome to TheSkewedEye.Com on Smugmug.

I'm Bill Brown, and I specialize in rural/urban abandonments.

The locations you see here, especially the rural sites, will not be found in typical location databases. I use a very old skill that anyone can be taught, very similar to remote viewing/remote sensing to find map "hotspots".

Usually it's a general area, but can be as specific as a road. Or I just drive, go with the flow, and listen to what I refer to as The Voice and my own native intuition for directions, and am led right to most locations.

I go alone, not exactly smart, but ulimately necessary. I try and capture the 'feeeeeel' of the places I've been led to, as I find the experience of being there to be generally intensely personal. In some instances where the real world and conditions inhibit or detract from that feel, I remove and replace certain image elements. I've drawn some measure of criticism for those enhancements by some folks, but stand by the modifications I make. I find it a true compliment to hear "I've never seen anything like this before!"

Hallmark Moments I'm not, but I guarantee you won't leave the site without being affected by at least one image. Somewhere.

An if so, I've done my job.


~BIll Brown, aka TheSkewedEye